December 16, 2017

Just Another Winter's TaleMy short story "The Most Beautiful Boy in the World" has been included in this Kindle anthology of Christmas stories called Just Another Winter's Tale!

I absolutely love the cover, and I love that this anthology also features such terrific writers such as Matthew Bright (who also put this lovely collection together),‎ my college friend and British astrological twin‎ Paul Magrs,‎ Nicholas M. Campbell,‎ Roy Gill,‎ 'Nathan Burgoine, and Michael Thomas Ford! All their stories are excellent, and I'm very pleased to be in their company.

This story of mine was written for a collection I was calling The Betty Stories, all of which surrounded a woman called Betty, but always written from an outsider's perspective, never from her POV. I didn't finish writing the collection, which I had started in college, and I sort of outgrew the style of many of the stories in it, but I always had a fondness for "The Most Beautiful Boy in the World" and I'm thrilled that it has found a home in this Christmas collection.

Many of the stories in this anthology, including mine, have an LGBTQ bent, which makes them all the more fascinating in relation to traditional holiday tales. Too often the stories of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and queer folk get lost in the deep straight Christmas snow, so this is great way of making sure we don't turn blue from being left out in the cold!

If you're feeling festive this holiday season, why not pick up a copy for your Kindle or your free Kindle app at Amazon and join our Christmas kiki? The ebook also makes a great gift that you can send long distances without physically mailing anything.

Merry Christmas to you, and have a wonderful 2018.

Thank you! Happy reading!

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