December 02, 2018

New Christmas Anthology Includes My Poem "Gifts"!

Released today and FREE (December 3 - 8, 2018) on Kindle, the Christmas anthology A Few More Winter Tales: Twelve More Christmas Tales, edited by Matthew Bright, in which I have a long poem called "Gifts" among a host of short stories from other excellent authors. Check it out and discover new writers for the holidays!

A Few More Winter Tales ed. Matthew Bright

Excerpt from "Gifts" by Gene Hult:
Wiser men premised hopes on their promise,
followed glimmering wisps into murky woods,
wandered as polestars across dark desert voids,
pursued presumptuous question into a dragon’s lair
to land an intimate princeling hand and foot.

And don't miss last year's anthology, Just Another Winter's Tale: Seven Christmas Tales, still available for Kindle. My story "The Most Beautiful Boy in the World" is included, along with many short stories by terrific writers.

Just Another Winter's Tale Christmas anthology

Download both anthologies for Kindle today!

Call for Ocean Poetry Submissions at Brighten Press

Call for submissions for a new Brighten Press ocean-themed poetry anthology. (I am the publisher of Brighten Press.) The deadline is December 31, 2018.

For details, please visit

Birthday in New Orleans

My friend Sarah and I went to stay with our mutual friend Colleen in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans for a few days and celebrate my 49th birthday. Much cuter and easy-going city than I expected! A lovely time.

December 01, 2018

Autumn in Clear Lake

Pictures from around the neighborhood.

Click any of the photos to open a full-sized gallery.

October 22, 2018


Shut up Trump. Vote. Flip the House. Flip the Senate. Vote.

Shut up Trump. Vote.

Flip the House. Vote.

Flip the Senate. Vote.


October 11, 2018

Nature Photos

There have been some nice flowers blooming and other moments of natural beauty around the Clear Lake, Texas suburbs this autumn.

King Bolete mushroom

Pink and red Turk’s Cap flowers (malvaviscus arboreus)


Tievine morning glory (Ipomoea cordatotriloba)

Mexican Bush Sage (salvia leucantha)


Firebush flower (hamelia patens)

American beautyberries (Callicarpa americana)

September 27, 2018

Render Is FREE on Kindle until 9/28!

As a friendly reminder, you can get a Kindle copy of my poetry book Render for free until 9/28.

Thematically, it's about how the stories we choose to believe create our reality, and how we tell those stories to navigate both the good and bad aspects of love relationships.

Please visit for more information.

President Pinocchio

Donald Trump's lies are constant and dangerous.

This head of President Pinocchio is hanging on a door in our neighborhood of Clear Lake City, Texas.

Tatty Winter Squash Blossom

I keep staring at this beat-up Winter Squash flower.


Tatty Winter Squash Blossom

September 25, 2018

FREE Kindle Edition of Render 9/25-9/28

Get a FREE Kindle copy of Render, September 25, 2018 to September 28, 2018, and read playful and heartfelt poems of love, manifestation, and making believe.

Follow the link at today.

September 13, 2018

Ted Crud Yard Sign

So I don't kick the reprehensible Republican signs around the neighborhood, I'm mentally replacing them with this image. 

Vote Human. Vote Beto.

TED CRUD Tough Shit, Texas

September 02, 2018

from "Taliesin"

Read Render by Gene Hult, poems of love and making believe.

Available in Kindle and paperback editions at