December 03, 2020

Huge Sale on Framed Photos!


I've slashed prices for the holidays at the Citysqwirl Etsy store! My original framed photographic collages are now more than 50% reduced -- with free shipping!

There are also three new 4-panel 4"x4" photo collages in 10"x10" frames up in the store:

Red Flowers Photo Tetraptych

Red Flowers Photo Tetraptych by Citysqwirl

New York City in the Snow Photo Tetraptych by Citysqwirl

Yellow-Orange Flowers Photo Tetraptych by Citysqwirl

There are also 8 other photo collages available at the Citysqwirl Etsy store. I hope you'll visit and find one you love for yourself . . . or to give to someone you love for the holidays.

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