May 01, 2018

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Minister of Propaganda

Like so many of my friends, I've gotten incensed about the attacks on Michelle Wolf for her White House Correspondents Association comedy routine. No, she didn't say anything negative about Sarah Huckabee Sanders's appearance. She certainly didn't bully this woman who is one of the most powerful and crooked people in this country with the biggest bully pulpit in the nation. But she absolutely called her out for being a liar. And Wolf called out the complicit press for creating Trump in the first place, or at least allowing him to infect us nationally, because he's good for their bottom line. So much of the media is a disgrace, allowing greedy liars to manipulate their stories with their propaganda messaging because they're afraid of losing their overpaid presenter jobs on the TV. Or worse, actively helping these terrible, hateful, destructive people to consolidate their power and the wealth in America.

If you're not fighting this evil administration tooth and nail, you're helping them with the most dangerous fascistic, racist, gun-sucking, anti-environmental, and avaricious movement in American history. The media are meant to be a bulwark against such oppression and ravenous gluttony. Instead these media mercenaries are welcoming their overlords and repeating their insidious lies.

 Republicans and complicit WHCA media types acting so shocked over Michelle Wolf calling them out: Yeah, you're not doing a good job hiding your lies. We've noticed. From the first time you opened your mouths. We know you're not telling the truth about your agenda, about our fight, about who you really are, and the treasonous, racist, greedy, and anti-human crimes you've committed.

These wealthy, spoiled, virulent puppet masters calling Michelle Wolf elitist is . . . rich. And another awful lie.

We know you're lying and we will rise up against your evil duplicity.


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