November 07, 2016

Please Vote for Hillary Clinton

Hello, American Voter:

I realize that if you're visiting my page, chances are that you're already a supporter of hers, but since this election is so close and so important, I thought I’d write this to ask if you would please consider voting for Hillary Clinton for President tomorrow.

If you're decided to vote for her opponent, or are leaning toward voting for him, I'm sure you have good personal reasons, but I strongly and honestly believe Hillary is the better candidate. She’s greatly experienced, tested, and vetted in the government and abroad, and I admire her policies on education, healthcare, immigration, civil rights, gun violence control, women’s health, foreign policy, the environment, and the economy. I believe that the attacks against her have turned up nothing of importance other than the willingness of the opposition to lie to defame her and her strength in the face of false attacks. She’s pro-science and rationality, although she has an integral set of moral values, a strong religious background, and uplifting belief in kindness, humanity, and our interconnectivity. Hillary cares about all of us.

 Meanwhile, her opponent is deeply inexperienced and has said horrifyingly insulting things about his fellow humans, especially women and minorities. His plans are half-baked at best, self-serving at worst, and dangerous for our country’s future at home and on the world stage. He’s angry, belligerent, racist, rude, mean, greedy, and thin-skinned, which are not qualities we need in a leader. He lies and bullies without a second thought. All of the issues on which I agree with Hillary listed above, he professes to support the opposite position, entirely to our detriment. He champions policies that discriminate based on sexual orientation, race, sex, and religion. He even insulted the Pope!

I fully understand that it’s incredibly difficult to change anyone’s mind once it is made up. But I hope you will take a moment to wonder if Hillary Clinton might be much better for our planet, as I firmly believe. I doubt my recommendation will have any influence, but it seemed important to try.

Thank you for reading.

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