March 22, 2018

Bernie's Bad Jokes!

Bernie's Bad Jokes front cover
I just finished pulling together a book of my favorite bad jokes! I'm thrilled to announce that Bernie's Bad Jokes by J. E. Bright is now available on Amazon and hopefully elsewhere soon!

It's dedicated to my beloved cat Bernie, who also stars in a bunch of photographs inside. I'm particularly proud of this joke book, as it's the first interior I ever designed all my myself. (My brother helped me with the cover.) Along with the funny photos of Bernie, the inside is illustrated with lots of cool drawings and silhouettes that I collected.

Of course, you've got to wonder . . . are the jokes inside any good?


They're all terrible.


Why do cats always win video games?
They get nine lives!


Why did the owl invite more owls over?
He didn't want to be owl by himself!

 See what I mean? Stinky! Whoo!

 But funny!

 I know this book will make you laugh. Or at least groan!

 It's available on Amazon in both a Kindle edition and paperback version!

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