November 08, 2011

Blast from the Past

Ah, New Order. Still my favorite band after all these years. This is a live version of "Temptation" performed in 1984 at the BBC Radio 1 studios. Something was wrong with the headphone feedback or sound levels, I think, because Bernard Sumner seems quite irritated. He's still adorable and amazing, though, and I LOVE those shorts. I had such a crush on Bernie back then -- I've even named my new kitten after him now! Something has always fascinated me about Gillian, too. She always seems so matter-of-fact about the wash of gorgeous synth she's creating back there. I think the band's sound suffered when she left to take care of her and Stephen's kids. But now I've heard she's back with them, at least for a few concerts in Europe. Although Peter Hook left, so that's certainly a major component missing. Which is more important to the overall New Order sound -- the synths or the bass?

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