October 28, 2011


So, a couple of months ago, I got a new kitten and named him Bernard. Mostly he gets called Bernie. Or Boogie, as he seemingly never stops running and jumping around. He's a sweet little guy, really, with gorgeous topaz eyes, but he's also a pain in the ass right now because of his completely reasonable kitten hyperactivity. My most common utterance to him is "NO!"

My older cat, Mabel, officially hates his guts, but Bernie chases her around and it's good that she's getting some exercise. I also think she secretly likes him a little, certainly more than she liked my previous old cat, Gladys, who died in July. Mabel loathed Gladys for nearly a decade, and couldn't walk past her without whacking her in the face. I pulled claws out of Gladys's chin on a weekly basis. So far, Mabel hasn't clawed Bernie seriously, and I've even spotted them sniffing one another's noses in relative calm. This gives me hope that perhaps they will one day get along, maybe even cuddle when it gets quite cold. I think it helps that he's a male kitty, and so the female feline dominance struggle doesn't apply like it did with Gladys.

So Bernie's a cute, sweet kitty, very smiley and loving, although part of me wishes he'd grow up and calm down already, while another part of me is sad that he won't be a kitten forever.

Here are some videos I made of Bernie, with a special appearance in the second one by mean ol' Mabel.

Meet Bernie

Bernie and Mabel Share a Moment

Bernie Dance

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