November 17, 2009

The Ozzard of Wiz

My friend Jason and I, while we were at NYU many years ago, used to write and record very silly songs, which we collected under the band name Booz. Most of the songs aren't fit for human ears, unless those ears are attached to a human in a preposterously ridiculous mood, but a few of the songs turned out okay. One is a electro-ditty embedded with audio samples from The Wizard of Oz, which we called Ozzard of Wiz.

For my birthday this year, Jason made me MP3s of our old Booz songs, ripping them from cassette tapes I'd saved all this time. So I thought I'd practice my Kindergarten-level video editing skills, and make a compliation of Wizard of Oz clips to go along with Ozzard of Wiz. And here is the goofy fruit of my labors:

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