October 16, 2008


So after surviving a three-month run finishing writing four books, barely leaving my apartment the whole time, I had become heartily sick of staring at the wide blank wall on the other side of my living room, directly across from my computer desk. There's a weird three-pronged crack branching out in the middle of the wall that kind of reminds me of some sort of spirochete, but focusing on that while in the throes of a writing fugue state is more depressing than inspiring. That wall's been blank since I moved into the apartment, just about seven years ago. For a long while I was thinking of hanging a giant poster of Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix in that space -- it's the scene when they're on a motorcycle together from My Own Private Idaho. But, 1: TOO GAY; 2: Perhaps it's too depressing to hang posters of dead idols in your living room; and 3: I don't really want an image of Keanu in such a prominent location in my life.

So I decided to buy art! My apartment living room is extremely honey-colored, with shades of woody brown everywhere, plus a sepia staining on everything due to cigarette smoke. The only brighter color accents are a blue curtain and a blue pillow on the espresso-colored couch. So I wanted to brighten up the room a bit with a lighter hanging print, and hang an image that I wouldn't get thoroughly annoyed by in the coming years. So this picture seemed to fit the bill -- it's whitish and blandly inoffensive without being totally boring, it has blue accents and a blue frame, and it adds a little soft roundness with the front vase to an otherwise extremely angular room.

Now I'll have something else to stare at while I'm writing other than a spirochete-shaped crack.

And I'll leave the River and Keanu poster rolled up in a tube in my closet.

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