December 05, 2006

Blood Diamond

he grew chest hair!
Is it so very wrong if Leonardo's weird Rhodesian accent in the trailer for this film kind of gives me a woody?

His accent might be described as "plummy", but I fear that word only has negative connotations of overripe British accents.

I'm never sure if I notice Leo's acting and see through it or if he convinces me.

It's a little of both, sometimes, like Meryl Streep's work.

The pills!
Ever see Marvin's Room, starring Diane Keaton, Meryl, and Leo? It's a downer flick, but an amazing showcase for the skills of those three actors. Diane wins. During the climactic moment, her eyes start glowing from within with a kind of scary, trancendent intensity and even Meryl looks frightened acting opposite her.

On the other hand, of the three, Leonardo's the only one I really want to see naked.

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