June 10, 2016

Yeshiva University: Nowhere but here.

I've been puzzling over Yeshiva University's new slogan for weeks now: "Nowhere but here." 

Is this a denial of the afterlife, an affirmation that the trappings of this world are our only sure moments of existence? If so, why not have a prettier campus? 

Or is it a take on "Be here now," an exhortation to live in the moment and be fully awake to the happening of experience? 

Or is it a refusal of awareness of the world outside of this strange uptown shtetl, a proclamation that nothing exists outside of the invisible walls of this small university ghetto enclave? 

I haven't figured it out.

Also: the owners of that yellow bus should rethink their name. It sounds like the passengers just began taking hormones.

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