September 10, 2006

Gnip Gnop

Even as a small child, I always understood that my brother and I would get bored of this game really quickly (and that I would tire of it before he would), but I coveted it desperately because of its name, which I thought was the funniest and cleverest name anyone had ever come up with ever. Occasionally, as I'm falling asleep now 30 years later, I still whisper these words to myself gnip gnop and I chuckle quietly. I must've played it at a neighbor's house or somewhere at sometime, because I have the sensory memories of the shake of the dome and the impact of the balls against the plastic, and the recollection that I was pleased that my assessment of the playability of the product was lacking had been correct before I ever played with it.

Still, brilliant name for a game involving small plastic balls.

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